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Thursday, February 23, 2006

What are the chances??!!

Of me posting twice on the same day??!! Here goes some more....

The one true love of my life! The greatest woman (as far as I'm concerned) on this planet!! The person who will beat the living daylights out of me if I dont write the first two sentences!! :-)

Taken at St. Thomas.
Unfiltered WYSIWYG! The shot doesn't do justice to what we saw....every sunrise and sunset is this good! Makes me think it's better that I dont live there....else I might not appreciate it this much?! Perhaps the human tendency is to take things for granted...and actually EXPECT to see such grandeur if it is common?

Look closely and you'll see a little water-plane (damn! need to google the right name) taking off! Pretty cool...

Taken at St. Thomas....The more the merrier! Had to get a diagonal shot in an attempt to fit all three in...

Phew....I'm tired! Laters...

Yet another round of trip photos

I've realized that I'm not really blogging much and am instead hiding behind my picture posts these days....if you've noticed it too.....SHUT UP!! :-)

I know that I need to write a travelogue etc. and it is WIP based on propular demand...I will post it one of these until that happens...ENZOY!

It was the evening we were in San Juan...we were walking down a rather desolate street and turned left. This was the view that greeted us....we were blown away!

Didn't know I was being followed by the "pepperazzini"!

Trying my hand at the Colour / BW combo pics....this is NOT photoshopped....two different pics in different modes! :-)

Well, that should whet your appetites some.....I hope! More to follow and hopefully a travelogue soon.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Picchurs of our treep :-)

Here are sum more phor your viewing pleshur! :D

For the first time ever in my life, I've figured out how to shoot fireworks!! Simple tip - Be extremely still if you are a cheapo like me and dont have a tripod!! :-)

Some little kid did it!! I swear to God!! :-)

Had to sneak a Patel shot in there somewhere! :-)

This ship was within 2 miles of us all the way from Miami to San Juan!! Felt relieved actually that if one ship got in trouble, the other would come to it's rescue! :-)

More to follow!! Cheers.

Monday, February 20, 2006

An OLD haircut story that's still NEW in my mind! :-)

An old ishtory is about my very first haircut in the US of A

Go to this hairdresser place and there’s this (bless her heart!) humungous white woman who I get assigned to…

she starts off…some small talk….the weather, the city, yada yada… then I tell her about myself and that this was my first haircut in the US….pat came an answer…"Dont worry honey, it’s my first time too!". My heart sank when I heard that it was NOT her first hair cut in this salon OR her FIRST hair cut in a while OR her FIRST hair cut in this town……it was THE FIRST haircut EVER that she was err…cutting!!

It comes to pass that this lady is actually an accountant by trade at a local company down the street…who had just taken up a few barber classes to earn some extra cash over the weekends!

In colloquial kannada terms, it was her first “boNi” (kannada for first sale of the day by a street vendor etc,.) and I was her first “bakra” (self-explanatory!).

After much head-positioning, snip-snipping and treating my hair like fine art, the outcome was a raggedy-ass looking sparrow’s nest on top of my head!

Given that I wear very “powerful” spectacles (am practically blind without them) the “effect” immediately after wearing them back on was one of gasping after getting kicked in the nuts (Pardon my expression!)

The gentleman that I am, paid her 12 $ + a 2 $ tip for the Picasso-esque work of art, thanked her profusely, ran out crying like a girl…..and never went back!

Now I go to an all men’s proper barber shop…with all the usual “men’s” jokes….they all have their barber school certificates up on the wall….and their decades of experience….

Life as I know it is back to normal!

Some photos from our December Florida and Beyond Trip!

Am trying the pics insert thingamajig for the first time....dekhte hain kya hota hain!

Here we go....

Wooohooooo!!!! the fricking thing works!! talk about being a neo-luddite!

Now just need to find time and plop in the other 500 + pics and I'm good to go! :-)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

too busy to write....OR NOT!! :-)

Dang, months have gone by since I last updated my blog....the one I was determined to try and update atleast once a week!

Lofty goals that......anyway, just logged in to see if I even had my account active yet :P

Need to write about my recent trip to Florida and beyond....and post some pics if possible...

Like Arnold Shivajinagar says... "I'll be back"!

Ciao for now.