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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ekalavya - Movie Review

In keeping with the tradition of naming Bollywood films lately....say over the last year or so, Ekalavya is not just is:

Ekalavya - The Royal Guard

How about we name it:

Ekalavya - The Battle of the Gargantuan Beards (pliss to look at the posters for the movie! )
Ekalavya - The Royal Pain in Yer Arse! (Read it like a Scotsman for best effect)

Boman Irani, with his stellar performance of bumbling Shakespearean sonnets and getting pedicures absolutely HAS TO get the award for the "Gayest Emperor in the history of Indian Cinema!"

Amitabh does a decent job overall, but managed to effortlessly cross-over into the realm of "over-acting" a few times. Some of the loopholes he has to contend with - he cant "supposedly" see beyond a few feet due to his "photo-sensitive" eyes but yet manages to drive his Jeep for miles...

Saif Alli(!) Khan and Vidya Belan(!) have no chemistry....or physics....or biology...jaane do yaar!

Cinematography is's by Nataraja Subramanian (just found out that he's the same guy who's worked with Black Friday). BUT cinematography alone cannot carry a cinema and this movie is ample evidence!

Also, what's up with using the Gayatri Mantra as the background score on several occasions? To me, it plainly says you got no ability to create a score that's good enough....maybe people think it's cool to throw the poor mantra into the mix and create a sense of tradition etc,. let me break it down for's not cool and it doesn't work....

Bottomline is that there was not one standout performance that I was able to identify in the movie.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Concepts....or lack thereof :-) quick thought before I bugger off to bed...

How about building a retractable hardtop SUV? I mean a convertible SUV. Wouldn't that be awesome? 5 proper seats and the top can fold into the cargo area...hasn't the automobile industry thought about it already?

I can already see a few "issues" such as roll-over safety, missing B Pillar compromising strength etc,. but COME ON!!! if the auto-industry can pull this off, that would be fantastic!! :-)

The man who never.....

The Man who never:
takes a leak
loses his hoarse voice
and whose cellphone never dies

MUST BE GOD!!! :-) All Hail Lord Jack Bauer....the greatest of them all!

P.S. feeling goofy after watching 2 straight hours of 24...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

2 Black Christian Coaches getting it done the Lord's way....huh?

The game was great....The Colts were pretty doggone good....fantastic...pat on the back and all that jazz.

What got me at the end was when the Colts coach Dungy said "Lovie (Bears coach) and himself were 2 Black Christian Coaches getting it done the Lord's way". That's it....why bring religion into a what was otherwise a perfectly enjoyable football game?