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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Would you care for some Sweat? :-)

If that's not the mug-shot of a satisfied customer!! :-)

Yup, it's exactly what it says.....and certainly NOT photoshopped!! :-) Wiki / Google 'Pocari Sweat' if you dont believe me! Seems to be the Japanese drink of choice (after Sake ofcourse!) and is widely sold in stores and vending machines all over the country. It's a literal translation for what is intended to be an electrolyte replacement drink. I swear I would NEVER have tasted it if not for my Japanese team lead counterpart who plonked it down on my desk on Day 1 and that too right after our introduction! Was mighty sceptical until I tasted it...what with thoughts racing in my mind of 'Pocari' as a hamster-like animal that was made to run on a wheel and get the idea! :-)

Honest opinion - it's a pretty damn good drink....I swear! :-) It seems to really have the right combo of minerals / electrolytes to be an addictive drink....I've routinely downed 3 - 4 bottles a day of this stuff.

Anyway, gotta go eat dinner....more on Japan later! Cheers.