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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lazy sunday nonsense ramble...

Was on and was looking at new cars / concepts at the NY Auto Show. Lexus has the new LX570 with 10 airbags. (2 specifically made for the little toe on either foot and 2 more, 1 for each nut for the guy driver! just kidding!)

Interstingly also is the new Mark Levinson audio with...get this.....19 speakers! Here's the deal...I'm willing to bet that even if 5 or 6 of the 19 speakers conk out, the driver will have no clue there's something wrong with his car audio. I can understand component speakers up front and regulars at the back along with a sub-woofer and a center channel...that's the limit of my imagination and that's 8 speakers all told!

These are the days of automotive excesses....too much horsepower....too much torque....required to move too much weight....costing too much money....and consuming too much gas...

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