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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dhoom 2: Review

Like, it was like, a slick once-see timepass movie. There was no like, good plot or like, songs. What the fuck's going on with the "Like" by Ms. Ash, I wonder...

Dances were good I thought....well, I am a clud so a tortoise on weed would actually dance better than me....suffice it to say I am easy to please. :-)

Uday Chopra tries to do a "Arshad Warsi" but fails rather lamely I must say....

Ash is useless as usual....except that she is Ash....she can thank her genes for that. Her acting? what.....are you nuts? :-)

Bips in a double role...bhai wah! what a twist that was....the things people do to get her to de-robe, un-robe and dis-robe...."I LIKE" (read with a Borat accent).

Save the best for last, Abhishek and Hrithik are many ways the saving grace of the movie...i.e. whatever can be saved.

The MAIN POINT I wish to make is - My main connection with a movie AFTER seeing it is with the audio track. This one is SIMPLY ABYSMAL!!! After the recent Rang De Basanthi and Bluff Master, this was pitiful at best. Other than the actors and actresses "shaking their things" (whatever their things may be) it isn't worth spit.

Final analysis - See Once, Time Pass, No Expectations.... :-)

P.S. These days, I've developed a peculiar habit in focussing ONLY on the EXTRAS (support cast of dancers etc)on the sets during song and dance sequences. MAN IT IS HILARIOUS!! I was laughing my ass off everytime a song came along.....Try it and tell me if you dont like it.


Friday, November 24, 2006

What car would I really LOVE to drive?

In numeric goes:

1. Lotus Elise / Exige

2. Lancer Evo IX

3. Subaru WRX STI

4. Honda S2000

5. BMW-M3

6. Infiniti - The new G

7. Acura TL

That's it really....The Aston Martins, the Lambos, the Veyron, the Porsches and the Merc-SLRs are too exotic and expensive and therefore unrealistic!

Even the Corvette and Viper doesn't qualify (in my list) as if you had a 6+ liter engine on the back of a frickin' donkey, even it would reach 62mph in under 4 seconds! :-)

The Lotus is a truest Sports car in my opinion....1.8 liter Inline 4 making a mere 190 hp matches the Corvette to 60mph and beats it handily on the slalom...that's some engineering!

What's your list? :-) Come on...OUT WITH IT!

What the hell is going on?!

This is bad....the current levels of violence in the middle east. The Sunnis are assumed to have co-ordinated an attack that killed 200 + shiites....and the shiites torches some mosques that killed some sunnis. This is just a recent event and there have been and will be hundreds more...

The rest of the animal kingdom kills mainly for food or survival and that is understandable...human beings kill for power. At it's most fundamental level, killing goes beyond religion even....POWER AND CONTROL seem to be the ultimate reason.

How can one man actually KILL another man? By ANY means? How does one bring himself / herself to shoot, stab, beat, burn, poison or strangle another human being? Obviously it's possible going by the number of deaths lately...but I wonder how? Can one person become SO BLINDED by whatever the reason to KILL another human being?

With all our emotional faculties, intelligence, scientific inventions and what not, we are supposed to be the pinnacle of creation....ARE WE?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

View from Tokyo Tower

Just a couple of images that I shot on a fantastic May Evening.....enjoy!!

Both pics taken using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 with Sunset mode...nothing fancy...more like right place at the right time! :-)

Tchah!! :-(

Ye promotion, shamotion, shamshaan (I seem to be heading in the right direction!) sab bahut bekaar cheez hain yaar....paanch percent zyaada paise dete hain.....aur bees percent kaam zyaada karwate hain....Tchah! :-(

Us taraf boss sar khaatha hain....aur is taraf to biwi mujhe mar daalne waali hain.....

me thinks, boss ko bolunga ki phir se mere pehla position pe demote kardo mere baap....shaanthi se rahoonga....dekhte hain kya hota hain.... :-)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Borat: Movie Review

Here are the stats: Silvi hated it....Silva wasn't blown away and thought a few anecdotes were funny...

I dont want to give too much away for folks who haven't seen's my thoughts in random order:

1. Dont eat roughly an hour before the movie and dont plan on eating for atleast an hour after....why? just trust'll find out for yourself anyway.

2. Be prepared to see some gross nudity...I really sincerely mean it....

3. I must say that about 60 % of the movie is certainly watchable...and funny that I mean the right level of funny...

4. There's not even a semblance of a plot....the whole movie is constructed based on whatever bits and pieces can be "comedicised" (I like inventing new words lately!)

Bottom line - Silvi would say ABSOLUTELY NO! whereas I would say just see it so you can get it over with...This is not going to stay in your memory or be a part of the coffee machine / water cooler discussion by any means.


Obscure movie related observation! :-)

This is a difference that I've noticed between movie-going in India vs. the US.

In urban India, typically, the Balcony and First class (lower level rear seats) are usually more expensive as well as usually the ones to be sold out first! Most people tend to buy the second class (lower level middle to front seats) or Gandhi class tickets as a last resort. By the way, why call the cheapest class as Gandhi class? I have absolutely no idea!! :-)

However in the US, I've noticed many Americans occupy middle of the hall moving forwards rather than toward the rear seats....wonder why?
It's quite a symbiotic relationship for desis and americans here because the seating is somewhat mutually exclusive, so we can afford to show up quite close to the show time and still get good (as in rear) seats!!

Thoughts / possible explanations welcome! :-)